Erika Neuberg

Chair Neuberg


Commission Chair Erika Schupak Neuberg is a registered independent from Chandler and was selected unanimously by her fellow commissioners to serve as Chair of the Arizona Redistricting Commission. She is a clinical psychologist and life coach with a special focus on positive psychology. She earned an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Colorado College, and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Arizona State University. She is a graduate of the Wexner Heritage Fellowship program where she studied Jewish thought, history, and leadership, and works philanthropically to build pro-social infrastructure and bring people together for common good. She serves on the National Board of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee where she advocates for strengthening the U.S. – Israel relationship through bipartisan efforts.

Erika is married to Steven Neuberg, a Foundation Professor and Chair of Psychology at Arizona State University, and is the proud mother of three adult children - Rachel, Zachary, and Elliot. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching sports, and hiking all over the beautiful state of Arizona.