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Welcome to the IRC Homepage
Find information on the public meetings of the Independent Redistricting Commission, including agendas, public comments and meeting minutes.
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Welcome to the IRC Homepage
As the Commission proceeds with its work, the maps produced by the Commission will be published on this website.
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About the Commission
In November 2000, Arizona voters passed Proposition 106, a citizen initiative that amended the Arizona Constitution by removing the power to draw congressional and state legislative districts from the state legislature and reassigning this task to the newly created Independent Redistricting Commission (IRC).




The Independent Redistricting Commission's mission is to redraw Arizona’s congressional and legislative districts to reflect the results of the most recent census. The concept of one-person, one-vote dictates that districts should be roughly equal in population. Other factors to be considered are the federal Voting Rights Act, district shape, geographical features, respect for communities of interest and potential competitiveness. The state Constitution requires the commissioners – two Republicans, two Democrats and an independent chairperson – to start from scratch rather than redraw existing districts.

A new Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission was appointed in January 2021 to adopt new congressional and legislative districts for Arizona. This comprehensive website is being used to inform the public about its work. 




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Official Congressional Map

View the official congressional map and find the district you live in by entering your address and zip code located at the upper left corner.

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Official Legislative Map

View the official legislative map and find the district you live in by entering your address and zip code located at the upper left corner.

AZ Mapping Hub
IRC's Mapping Hub

This website is being used to specifically display geographic and other related information to inform the public about IRC's work. Explore our growing library of static and interactive maps and apps.




Meeting Notice

The Commission is providing this notice regarding the physical and electronic locations where all public notices regarding public meetings are posted. The Commission posts all public notices and agendas on the Arizona Public Meetings website under Public Meetings and at the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, 1110 W. Washington St., Phoenix, AZ 85007.




Upcoming Public Meetings

There are no future Commission meetings currently scheduled. Please check back again later.